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Old print of St. Nicholas' Church Welcome to the web site for the village of Little Saxham, in Suffolk, England. Our village is little more than a hamlet, with only 80 inhabitants. It has no pub or shops, an occasional bus service, yet is only three miles from the nearest town, Bury St Edmunds.

It's a peaceful place, with only 40 dwellings scattered around the village, mostly near the church. But it has a fascinating history, with at least seven visits recorded by reigning monarchs.

This web site keeps you up-to-date with news and amenities, provides useful information about local schools and telephone numbers, describes the history of the village from Saxon times to the present day, and acts as a reference point for local businesses.

Most of the recent changes to the site are on the Latest News page.

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A new section has been added recently (March 2005). The Genealogy section has many links to various well-known Little Saxham surnames. See the menu bar for 'Genealogy'.

The 'Stile' Magazine is again being published here on the web site. Click for the latest issue.

Sadly our Guestbook has been suffering severe spam abuse and had had to be closed down.

For more information about the village, or queries regarding this site, send us an e-mail.