Little Saxham

Parish Council

The following are members of the Saxhams Parish Council. For Parish Council purposes, Little Saxham is linked with Great Saxham.

ChairmanMichael Burt5 Church CottagesLittle Saxham
Penny TaylorWarren LodgeLittle Saxham
Jonathan ClarkeBenton HouseGreat Saxham
Rosie FraserOakley HouseGreat Saxham
Fred GittusMeadowcroftLittle Saxham
David Gordon-LennoxSaxham HallGreat Saxham
Carolyn HallWodethorpeGreat Saxham
Parish ClerkJohn Barnett01440 820817(Cowlinge)

The Parish Council meets quarterly, alternately at Little Saxham and Great Saxham churches. The public can attend, as observers.

The next meeting(s) of the Parish Council are:

24 May, Little Saxham, 18.30.
6 September, Great Saxham, 19.30
22 November, Little Saxham, 19.30

At the Annual Parish Meeting (this year, on 24 May, 19.30, at St Nicholas, Little Saxham), the public is invited and asked to contribute to the agenda and discussion.

The Minutes of recent meetings can be downloaded below. Click on the date for a pdf of the minutes of that meeting.

Parish Council Meetings:

15 February 2005

23 November 2004

14 September 2004

11 May 2004

24 February 2004

Annual Parish Meeting:

11 May 2004

The December 2004 issue of The Stile contained a summary of the Parish Council's actibities for 2004.