Little Saxham

Saxham & Risby Station

Little Saxham used to have a railway station! There are some who say that it should be reinstated.

Bury St Edmunds railway station was opened in November 1847, when the line was extended from Ipswich. A few years later, in April 1854, the line from Bury St Edmunds to Newmarket was opened. Saxham & Risby Station was built at this time.

These two photos, taken from an almost identical position, show trains on both tracks, at Saxham & Risby Station. The dates that the photographs were taken are not known, but the one on the left appears older, judging from the steam train.

The station closed to goods traffic on 28 December 1964 and to passenger traffic two years later on 2 January 1967, along with three other stations on the line, at Higham, Six Mile Bottom and Fulbourn. Little remains of the station now, just part of the former platform on the north side of the lines.

Former Station Masters included:

Charles Underhill (1855)
Frederick Clarke (1864 - 1865)
Henry Wilkes (1868 - 1896)
Henry William Fletcher (1900)
Daniel Edward Day (1904)
Frank Berry (1908 - 1926)

From 1929 to 1941 the 'Porter-in-charge' was George Albert Wakefield.